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Life is filled with great memories and we believe that photos and videos are the key to immortalising these special moments. Our aim is to provide high quality photography and videography services that capture these special moments.


(From Left to Right: David, Amanda, Fahruddin, Deryck, Cuthbert, Benedict)



Weilun & Wendy

We would like to thank Cuthbert & team again for capturing our big day & documenting every moment of it so beautifully. Thanks for the extra effort put in to edit the videos just as we wanted as well. It was a long and hectic day for all of us but they were all smiles even towards the end of the night. Appreciate everything you've put in for us again! Keep up the good work! You guys were fun to work with (:

Melvyn & Jacqueline

Thank you so much David & Deryck for capturing our wedding! Every moment of it was so beautiful. Thank you so much for the effort to make it so memorable for us. Truly appreciate it. Everything was professionally done! No doubt it was truly tiring day under the hot sun but we saw all the hard work that both David & Deryck has put in to document our only once-in-a-lifetime moment. Really happy and grateful to have you guys as our photographer & videographer! So so glad we have these photos and videos to remember this day by! With tons & tons of gratitude!

Gerald & Penny

Thank you David and Deryck for capturing the best moments of our wedding! They were very punctual during the actual day, and they were very patient in guiding us and our families for photos or videos. We especially love the SDE that was done by Deryck, our guests enjoyed it too! We have been watching it again and again. Initially we were worried that the SDE would not be up to our expectation, but they really did a fantastic job, we were surprised that they manage to include our matrimony in the SDE within such a short period of time. Thank you David for the awesome childhood montage and photos. We will definitely recommend Pentagraphy to our friends! 

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